Thelema and The Book of the Law

So next Monday (26th January) I’ll be giving a talk on Thelema and Book of the Law (manuscript, version with revisions, one page summary version: Liber Oz) at Pagan Society. Its an epic philosophy of freedom and mystic potential.

If your at all interested feel free to let me know and drop by.

Love is the law. Love under will.

5 thoughts on “Thelema and The Book of the Law

      1. mr_jez

        Well, I’m certainly interested… ;o)

        Seriously though, I broke a tooth yesterday and I’m waiting on word from the family dentist regarding when he can have a look at it. This might mean I’m in Kent Monday lunchtime, though I will still strive to be back for the evening.

        Does this mean I have to hand out copies of Liber Oz to everyone in the dentist’s waiting room?

        1. mostlyfoo

          Crap, thats not good. You be heading down Sunday then or Monday morning?

          I’ve been pondering some sort of business card/small laminated Liber Oz’s so I have some for the next time my JW/Mormon magnet works.

          p.s. Anything particular you want me to cover in the Monday evening stuff let me know.


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