Reasons I’m not allowed to make games

I saw commentary on Left4Dead online today and thought “Hell if I was making a Zombie survival game I’d have it either crawl the users HDD for pictures of their friends or look online for photos of people from their area, then skin the zombies to look like that, hell I’d even let people online create and vote for features to put into areas of games to recreate the real-world as a zombie plague (zombie 6-for-a-pound-lighters guy? Zombie Pickwicks baked potatos? Zombie County South Coffee Shop at the Uni?, Zombies at Walkabout and the Town Hall?)”

Now that would be a fine and scary game.

And like all my other fine tech predictions (in-game online radio station for rockin’ out and snowboarding anyone?) I expect it to be done inside 6 months.

6 thoughts on “Reasons I’m not allowed to make games

    1. mostlyfoo

      True that, ahh well seems a lot of work just to wig people out for the first few levels before starting on Zombie Plot(tm).

      Still you could mix the two, segments of designed stuff for important things with the familiar between it, at least my idea of using peoples faces probably stands as good :)

    2. Anonymous

      No? When I used to play Unreal Tournament I had similar thoughts about how great Lancaster University would be as a game map – lots of windy corridors and multi-level walk ways (well, okay, the spine roof…).

      1. blue_swirl

        Unfortunately, real world places aren’t usually designed for great gameplay experiences.

        You might find that parts of the uni work well, but great multiplayer maps are works of art. You have to make sure the level flows, that there’s always two ways in/out of a space, that there’s no where you can get that gives you too great an advantage, that no where is too far from cover, that there are safe areas to spawn, etc etc. As much fun as playing in real life spaces would be, exploitable sections would soon be found and ruin the game balance. I reckon a level based on the uni could be quite good, but a like for like replica would be an interesting curio at best.


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