MLP of the day, oh yeah and some nastiness

Yeah I know, at some point I’ll get around to writing big serious posts about whats going on with my life, but mostly I’ve just been engaging in bitter battles to the death with databases, solaris and my thesis. Anyway, MLP:

Senecal’s Lovecraftian Work
Charlie the Unicorn one, two

Also of interest to Cthuluoid types, Sergeant Francois Bertrand who from 1847 – 1849 was generally nasty with corpses. I first encountered information about in in a copy of a book about “Werwolves” (sic) that I flicked through in the Oxfam bookshop, the interesting part was him discussing how afterwards he would enter a dreamlike state of mental (and perhaps physical) metamorphosis. Sadly I can’t find this last point anywhere else, its interesting however and I’m wondering if its part of the source of Lovecraft’s Ghoul mythos.

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