I’m blaming Uncle Kenneth

[ Note I don’t agree with this neccessarily, and don’t really grok half of it, I’ve just had it going around and building up in my head for a few days so I felt the need to do a ]

The wheel turns to the Aeon of the personal god, not an external absolute like ABRASAX.

If communication is only possible among equals then those who would commune with them must become as gods.

The secret is out. The Universe will let you get away with nearly anything if you go for it. The Universe hates half measures.

Live your life like you’re in an important and crucial turning point in history (you are), live like the focus of the world is on you. Live like you would like to write in your biography.

Make magic in all your dreams and actions.

5 thoughts on “I’m blaming Uncle Kenneth

  1. mr_jez

    An interesting mixture… ;o)

    I think there’s at least one line from Liber Kaos in there, plus some general LHP sentiment, and some bits I’m really not sure what to make of.

    At root…

    Know yourself.
    Be true to yourself and, as much as possible, to your kith and kin.
    Remember that the really real world will stub your toe if you try and kick rocks! (You may still need to kick the rocks!)

    P.S. Don’t be fooled into thinking that an excitingly readable biography will match a life well-lived. Consider thinking what you would like to be written in your obituary instead!


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