Go (crossposted to the LURPs list)

For reference this is a mail about Go aka: igo, weiqi, baduk.
A 3000 year old Asian territorial board game with simple rules that
leads to complex situations

As you may have heard a sinister cabal of Go players were trying to
organise gatherings to play the One True Game (well, and perhaps some
other stuff in between games, but mostly Go) on days other than Wednesday.

We had a dry-run meeting on Sunday where an almost everyone voted with
their feet to meeting off campus, with occasional trips to campus to
invade the war/board/card-gaming meetings and offer to teach interested
people there.

Apologies to anyone for the confusion about the meeting place with regards
to any announcements made during meetings. But this is whats been
arranged for this term…

  • Meetings every other Sunday, 12-3pm
  • Meeting at All Fired Up (Multimap, Googlemap)
  • Meeting on the following dates:
    Oct 21th Week 2
    Nov 4th Week 4
    Nov 18th Week 6
    Dec 2nd Week 8
    Dec 16th Week 10

Basically its not a LURPs run thing (it just happens that everyone
involved is a LURPer), theres no membership to pay, but please drink tea
and coffee to appease the All Fired Up types :)

You don’t have to know how to play to show up and you don’t need any
equipment. If your interested just come along and we’ll teach you what
its all about.

Also keep in mind that theres an official BGA club that meets on Wednesday
evening: http://www.britgo.org/clublist/clublist.html#lanca who actually
have some strong players, so if you can make it at that time and your
really keen its probably a better bet (or do both!).

Links for background material, the rules, and all that jazz:

Sensei’s Library introductory pages:

Go Centrer of Second Life’s introductory videos:
http://www.blip.tv/file/262606 (Part one 8:12)
http://www.blip.tv/file/262688 (Part two 9:43)

The BGA introductory pages:
http://www.britgo.org/intro/intro.html (Introductory leaflet)
http://www.britgo.org/cartoons/cartoonc1.html (Surreal comic showing the rules)

The AGA’s leaflet “The way to Go”, also in interactive java form:

Anyway, have fun :)

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