MLP and Druggies

Well I thought I’d put up a bit of a ramble to let you all know I’m not quite dead. Things have been reasonably quiet for me this week (which is the idea really) and I’ve been enjoying some nice relaxing days of pondering and doing stuf (almost finished that complete Sherlock Holmes).

Anyway on Monday I had the joy of going to see the film of A Scanner Darkly, which it turns out is reasonably close to the book and really rather good stylistically as well. The conversations between the druggies about the plants and the immanent police raid were hilarious in the way I could go “Yeah, I’ve met people who had conversations like that”. The end could have been a little clearer (can’t say more without spoilering) but indeed a most fine film and highly recommended.

The other thing is as traditional I’ve picked up a lot of links here and there to odd things online, which I’ll post now:

Nicehair – A webcomic about Neil Gaiman, Robert Smith and Tim Burton sharing a house, which Andrew Eldritch occasionally visits, the next buttons break about number 64 and you have to mung the URL for one hop however.

Pictures that could be superheros – Although the title is misleading since I’m linking to a sub-section of the page, this is the fine supers/machines page of that little collection of stuff, most of its really weird but it does include some lovely shots of WW2 era mecha/big machines. These include:

AT-AT, US Mecha, Baby mecha, Spiky Mecha and atmospheric lumbering mecha. There are other bits as well, but I liked those most.

Life has also brough us Eternal questions about the random nature of things, an interview with Charlie Stross, the text of the aforementioned writers short story: A Colder War and finally a comic about The religious experiences of Phillip K. Dick.

Enjoy yourselves people, have a good cold part of the year.

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