Black bag fun!

Well okay they were white.

So yeah I’ve just gotten back from the pub, and before that from the Cthulhu… which was totally not what I was expecting, but gave me a chance to play a really, really stressed accountant (which is actually suprisingly fun).

This post may, or may not, get edited/followed up later by a few more notes but heres some of my favourite bits.

  • Getting kidnapped/arrested, including being handcuffed, having a bag over your head and being lead to a “helicopter” (well a van, but the step up and chopper sound effects were great). Then taken to some far off dive where you know its all going to get worse.
  • Dealing with all kinds of really unexpected “processing”. Having played a number of characters who have done this kind of crap (and worse) its interesting to see what it feels like.
  • Humming the great escape and imperial march at some guards whilst getting more and more antagonistic (having heard later what was going on outside I’m really shocked they didn’t just execute a few of us to make a point).
  • The performances and interactions with the other inmates in the lawyer/accountant group. True I feel getting us out of the lock-box and into the main plot a little sooner could have been good, but also quite tricky, I did find the stewing very atmospheric I must admit (But I am an odd roleplayer) and hadn’t realised how much it had gotten to me until I got out and had a good, loud rant upstairs. Some of the explosions (stress wise), conversations and snipings that occured in the lock box were fine.
  • Giving dead guards a good few boots to the ribs to feel much better :)
  • Getting stiffed on the teleportation escape, and instead ending up getting picked up by the Pisces cleanup/evac crew

Also I must say I’m amazed that Paul G and Westslide didn’t blow up impressively, since they appeared to be right in the sharp end of dealing with a crowd of uncooperative and abusive prisoners all evening.

Oh and the music that Derek was listening to on the way to the game to get him in the mood for a good christmas boogie was the incompariably Romanian Numa Numa song. (see also: the dance (warning: Bloke having a good time), and the alleged original video (warning, camp europop)).

One question for Jez… was feeling tempted to play Derek Sullivan much like I tend to play Magnus really that wrong?

9 thoughts on “Black bag fun!

    1. captain_carrot

      He yelled it twice, but we weren’t hugely happy about being told to mow down civilians who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, so we went away and ignored him.

      Well, partially that. Mainly that mowing down all the rest of the players would have put a severe cramp on the rest of the event, and the first time he yelled it was before most of the really bad stuff had started kicking off.

      1. mostlyfoo

        Indeed I’ve had similar dilemmas in the past (about shooting Ell actually) where although my character may have done it, they (a) Didn’t want to and (b) OOC I thought it unfair to perform executions that early in the day.

        I did like the Pisces guards however, they seemed to give off a good aura of knowing what they were doing.

  1. nordicladyfi

    From the guard’s perspective

    I’m glad the kidnapping was enjoyable, I had a great time all the way through the game, but I have to admit handcuffing and covering heads with bags was the absolute highlight of the evening.. maybe only overshadowed by running into the party and watching the faces…

    insert very very evil grin here

    I was glad to wear something over my face though… I nearly laughed out loud so many times!!

  2. mostlyfoo

    The only ones really into bondage were the florists apparently.

    I was impressed they managed to make it sound like they were being setup by a dodgy interrogator actually, biased us against believing it should we hear it.


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