A more sensible update

Well I thought I’d make a more sensible update having had a nice quiet day doing productive days. First off I listened with a mixture of interest and terror at the nightmare that the Archers has become (more and more soap like every week!) with much much angst and a trivial mention of farming (a ploughing contest and a couple of cows as a backdrop to some extra marital hijinks, oh and some brief poachers…)

After that there was the main event of the day, the hauling of an el-cheapo table up to my room, thus giving me a nice big computer-free desk to do whatever on. Which is nice, as the desk my computers on is rather busy (mostly with Mish’s computer to be fair). I’d post pictures but A) I’m lacking a digital camera and B) I’m sure you can all live without seeing a big empty desk in my room (well for now… I may well produce some later!).

Anyway, after that was out of the way I spent most of the rest of the day relaxing, including studying an interesting game of Go

Honinbo Shusaku v. Ota Yuzo (warning: link opens the game in a small Java window, you have been warned).

Now this is an interesting game on several accounts, firstly Shusaku is a ranking newbie at this stage in his career, a mere 3 dan against Ota Yuzo, (6 dan). Yuzo is also at the height of his career (aged 35) as one of the Tempo Four (the four best rivals to Shuwa, undoutably the best player of that time).

Shusaku on the other hand is 13 and has been playing the game for about 7 years at this point.

Now I’m not going to suggest it was an utter smackdown, it was however the biggest example of a centre territory moyo I’ve ever seen in my life. There are also some exceptionally good position judgements involved on both sides. Particularly if you watch how Shusaku threatens (in a complex method of sacrificing stones) the white group on the lower left side in order to tie up white whilst he strengthens his group in the centre. While not the best of Shusaku’s games its one I had an SGF file for and that I’d done today so I thought I’d post a link to it :)

After that the day mostly involved sitting about and reading, with a side order of loitering on various places online and playing about with a new window manager (Fluxbox, link to Wikiperil instead of main site because its quite dead). I watched a couple of games by TheCaptain in a distracted way but didn’t really pay enough attention to get anything from them, and they were fairly quiet for Captain Games with little mega-bloodshed all over the board as is his normal style.

Oh and I watched that awesome Dragon Force video which I posted earlier, much fineness!

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