Teh skillz!

Ahh the joys of finding out one still possesses a modicum of talent for the fine-grained manipulation of a plastic object (for the purpose of guiding a small sprite around a screen).

To what do I refer? Why of course to Sonic the hedgehog available for Sony’s charming little diversion of time, the PS2.

Abusing the language somewhat to become a little more colloquial, it was a pleasure to relax this evening for a couple of hours with this title and 0wnx0r it and make it my B1ACH!!!!!11!!!oneoneoneone!!!!!111!!eleven.

6 thoughts on “Teh skillz!

  1. camellia_uk

    Ah, you couldn’t beat me, I was the 1337 50n1c d00000d!!! I’ll challenge you to a game any time :-)
    (I still have my megadrive here too if you want a *real* game of sonic!)

    1. mostlyfoo

      Well I must confess it took ages to get through many levels, and there was more cursing then I remember doing when I was younger about getting surprised at such things.

      I fear I may have to bow to your quality, I’m not up to competitive time-trials through Sonic anytime soon, my thumbs are sore from just a short 2 hour bout!

      Give me a year or 5, assuming I get around to picking it up again.

    2. pen_pen42

      > I still have my megadrive here

      I have a selection of megadrive games at home, but dunno where my megadrive II itself has gone. :-(


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