Suprising cold and sweaty palms

Well a brief update. Still no joy on the house front on the basis that it apparently takes three days (and counting!) for the department to produce a letter proving I actually work for them, so still need to get that tomorrow then get the paperwork into the letting agents and wait for them to give me an answer (may take up to another week).

However on the fun-things front I’ve had quite a good week (well outside of reading up on a fair chunk of boring stuff). The game yesterday featured a wonderful bout of atmosphere, the players really got going and roleplayed it to the hilt to give us all a good-horrible experience (Kult sideplot-to-the-mainplot-kinda game for those interestered), I especially enjoyed Ed’s reaction (since I’ve not been in a game with him before) and it was clearly shit-on-Ed-week, luckily he took it like a man :)

And tonight I was off sword waggling as ever, we had some changes propogated down to us from the Dans tonight (the information propogation system seems to be: The Japanese Dans at the head of the organisation decide something, in the summer they teach it to the visiting Dans from the rest of the world, during the year those Dans pass it onto us mere-mortals, then next year the visiting Dans get taught more subtle changes) involving Chiburi (cleaning the sword) and Noto (putting it away) as well as a number of changes to the *rei’s (opening/closing bows).

During this I was sat there watching/listening and wondering why my feet hurt so much sitting in seiza this evening, it was only when I got home that I realised it was colder than I thought and my feet had subtly frozen slowly over the evening.

Still we did some fun and games today, and learnt two new warm-up exercise for the contact-kata (TUNK).

The first involving stepping back calmly out of the way of an oncoming bokken enough that it misses, but not moving before it starts to. Now this is actually surprisingly good for getting the fight/flight reaction going and thus my palms were reasonably sweaty, not quite sure if this is because fo the risk of clubbing someone about the head or being clubbed about the head. It got more fun once we started varying the timing of the swings, and indeed once I did bottle it and jumped back instead of just stepping back, it just happened automatically, an interesting experience I must say, got a good laugh out of both of us involved :)

The second was more fun once the first had warmed you up, stepping back from the swings of the bokken (fairly slow, but still) juuuuuust enough so that it missed you, so that over two swings the gap between you shortened, then on the third swing bringing the sword up to block (missing not advised) a blow aimed for jodan (head height). Went quite well as the attacker and the attackee, but requires a good deal of trust between the parties and confidence in yourself (both still coming).

Anyway thats quite enough pollution of the friends page, time I think for some kip.

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