The long slog

Well the long slog is finally over and the ultimately evil backup-plan-BBS is now entering the first stages of testing (dubbed the Shoggoth Edition).

Expect to see me moaning about that and fixing horrible bugs in it for the next few months, but at least we now have a backup in case nothing wonderful appears on the horizon to save our arses when cent2 comes rolling into town.

In other news I’ve got some nice numbers and some graphs on the way about email, as well as lots of notes that are slowly (too slowly) turning into a paper about my work. Huzzah!

Also I’d like to announce to everyone with a taste for fine computer games that Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth is out for PC… for a mere 20 quid you too can be traumatised by horrible things from beyond space and time :)

Oh yes, it doth rock bells mightily.

5 thoughts on “The long slog

  1. camellia_uk

    Wow, well done… you’ve managed to find a BBS that looks even *harder* for non-techies to use than Lubbs!! Didn’t think it could be done… :-p

    Sorry for the cynicism, but I just don’t see the point any more in a system that has no users outside ISS, and I think attempts to keep it going that don’t include attempts to boost the userbase seem a little doomed to failure. Sorry.

    1. mostlyfoo

      Nah, its no harder than the current lubbs pain, trust me on that.

      The point of this design means that we can slap a webby front end on to NNTP in the next term (and summer) hopefully, I mean we’ve got a few to work on and try and beat until they work.

      Then just find a webby-thing that does telnet (heres one) slap an account system on the front end and Roberts your fathers brother.

      Then its just a case of advertising and slowly building the userbase up again.

      1. mostlyfoo

        p.s. People can also fall back to such userfriendly programs as Thunderbird, Outlook, Agent, Some stuff for Mac boxes and even Emacs two ways.

        So it shouldn’t be too bad, what it really needs is documentation, which will come with time (I can only type so fast).

  2. calephetos

    So, define ‘affiliate’? Though I think the key was in the ‘your lancs email address bit’. *sob*

    And I agree with Camellia! I couldn’t get the hang of TF back when my brain still worked in black and white.

    1. mostlyfoo

      Its a word I typed, the jury is wibbling on the concept of outsiders using lubbs, it would somehow take it away from its existing for the students thing.

      Besides the use of tf shouldn’t cause pain, it logs in automatically (as seen in them there screenie-shots) then you just type

      “Hey there hows it going?

      :poses like a faffer.

      Problem solved.


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