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Moving too fast, too far and with the wrong posture hurts.

So there I was doing Yaegaki and the Dan instructing me’s phone went off. He went to go see what was so urgent and another Dan strolled over to work on it some more.

We looked at the block a dozen times or so and about half way through (I think) I did it rather badly (to be fair my postures not great, this is I think a shining example of that) by extending the back leg too far (which also throws you off balance) and also leaning forwards (at the waist that is, a habit of mine I’m working on breaking). The combination thereof when combined with the draw and block lead to me stretching something in my lower back too far. Owie.

Still at least I’ve been left with a greater understanding of the reasoning behind the internals of the kata, the block shifts up exactly like the block used in Uke Nagashi, and not like the way I have been doing it, as the blocking-component of the switch from the first strike to the overhead strike (Kiriososhi). The movement is totally different because the aim is to protect from an overhead strike, leaving the blade handy so the opponents will slide off over your shoulder.

The component-like attributes of the internals of all the kata is rather interesting, designed I assume so that trained in them a swordsman could mix and match the little chunks as the situation demanded, being able to call each section from muscle memory as needed and not needing to improvise when under stress. I’m not sure how this compares with the Western sword traditions.

I am now (semi)officially the owner of a pulled back muscle and am thus applying good posture and a hot water bottle.

Not really what I needed to do to myself before taking a long plane journey but there we go. I’ll be fnie in the end.

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