Interesting rambles, 3 for you to digest

Well an interesting day of this and that (mostly writing documentation) however it lead me to ponder some interesting ponderings, of which I will now offer three.

Firstly (although last in chronological order) I went to a talk today (it was really rather good) about various parts of Celtic stuff, and the issue of Taliesin of the Mabinogion was discussed. An interesting character whose changing of shapes, melting through various forms until he becomes nothing at all, and then final rebirth as a better being seemed quite interesting and made me ponder if I could rip that off and use it. We shall see.

Secondly (again working back chronologically) I read an interesting rant today. The Tour de Babal by Steve Yegge a writer with a style close to the kind I tend to achieve myself (unless I’m pushing myself to more presentable and objective works) with a good quick run down of a number of programming languages. Although I fear he drank the Emacs kool-aid I am interested by several of his statements, and he includes the following wonderful gem:

I could probably name 20 or 30 languages that are “better” than Perl, inasmuch as they don’t look like that Sperm Whale that exploded in the streets of Taiwan over the summer. Whale guts everywhere, covering cars, motorcycles, pedestrians. That’s Perl. It’s charming, really.

But Perl has many, many things going for it that, until recently, no other language had, and they compensated for its exo-intestinal qualities. You can make all sorts of useful things out of exploded whale, including perfume. It’s quite useful. And so is Perl.
— Steve Yegge

Simply wonderfully descriptive text :)

Thirdly (and the first revelation (again, I’ve had it before but never written about it) of the day) was when I was browsing my awesome selection of morning Webcomics and that they form a new form of Soap Opera for the webby masses. Perhaps not intrinsically designed to do so but effective in shifting adverts with readers being hooked onto cliff-hanger story-lines by the authors. Or at least thats one way of looking at it.

Regardless, enjoy, and comment on anything deemed comment worthy.

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