Speen Escape!

Indeed, much ranting today I’m afraid.

So by this point I’ve actually got a number of records describing a sample of mail (14095 or so, and more incoming hopefully from other sources soon).

The codes working pretty well, on my systems at least, so I thought I’d post a link to the joyful code to LuBBs and try and drum up some volenteers.

First person to try it gives me a bug report of course :) And its an issue with locating the mail from Mail.app, now I’ve not got a Mac box so I’m damned if I know what format its in or where. I hear rumour that 10.3 used mbox and 10.4 uses Maildir

le sigh.

Well thats an issue for tomorrow I guess.

Other news included a suggestion for a method of collecting stats from Gmail accounts… so out comes CPAN followed by WWW:GMail, GMail::Checker and Mail::Webmail::Gmail. No joy from any of them (WWW::GMail won’t log in, GMail::Checker works but only sees mail in your INBOX and then it gets moved to the archive… Mail::Webmail::Gmail logs in but won’t hand me a message list, might work with more poking).

Later a more sensible suggestion of having an IMAP stats collector, which could make much more mail available (as I doubt I can get this stuff running on cent1 at Lancs as I’d need to fill quite a bit of space with very specific Perl Modules (MIME-tools and File::LibMagic specifically, MIME-tools rocks bells by the way)).

Anyway thats all jobs for tomorrow I guess, I think I might give the Gmail stuff a very brief further go, I suspect that they’ll be a fair reliable module or two for dealing with IMAP so that’ll probably only take about half an hour to assemble.

Oh bugger, and I’ve just noticed I’ve broken my simple-result parser program too. Right, so a morning of bug-hunting and knocking up some more shonk I guess. Still at least probably less frustrating than dealing with hacky Gmail modules.

Still, at least I now know interesting facts about a good sample of Mail, for example the average hop-count of the sample is 4.647, but at least one mail managed to achieve the lofty heights of 18 Mail relays to its name. Since I routinely delete spam and don’t store it it could well actually be legitimate as well. Scary :)

For those of you who were reading the other week you may remember a long ramble about my bad posture et-al during Iaido practice. Well last weeks was pretty good (that would have been 2006-02-08) which is probably why I didn’t rant about it again :) This weeks was a lesson in the abysmal.

I showed up on time but stressed from work, I’d clearly not unwound. Today we skipped the normal routine of doing a series of 30-40 warm up cuts, which I think didn’t help, must make a note to do at least 10 or so in future. I then moved into doing a series of kneeling forms (on the side of the room nearest the heater) my concentration was off, kneepads shifting too much, feet cramping when sitting, cuts poor and uncordinated… the whole thing was a mess.

The biggest problem I was having was during the footwork, at a number of points you need to move forwards during the kneeling kata, and this requires you to slide one foot out in front and moving from the hara (er… centre of body mass? I don’t really grok this yet) shift forwards.

The idea being your back-leg is straight out back (with toes on the floor) the knee goes right up in line with your back, your front-leg goes out, then you push forwards until the knee is over the foot. So everythings in neat orderly lines.

However simple this sounds (and I’ve done it before successfully) I just couldn’t manage it at all this evening, its been a long running issue for me to over push, so I’ll extend, then push up so far that my front-leg isn’t straight, the knee is past the foot. This leads to leaning forwards and being off-balance (two other things I tend to do). Its something I just need to spend time working on until I get it right.

I’m pondering ordering some smaller knee-pads (to reduce their slipping about on my knee which is really offputting) and some Hakama (trousers) which should both help in some ways. But still, well narked off.

Anyway, after the kneeling-turning-extending-disaster I did a kneeling kata with no turns and was fine at it, by that point I had at least started to cool down, but still felt a little dehydrated. Definitely remember the bottle of water I normally bring next week I think.

To finish this off we did some TUNK (Tachi uchi no kurai) which is paired kata with bokken, designed to teach distence judgement and timing.

We managed to get through two kata, and I found my ability to judge distence was poor, if I was told I needed to cover the distence in say 3 steps it was quite tricky to end up in just the right place, if I could take 4 it would have been easier I think.

Still good fun was had by all, and the only near miss was when the person I was working with brought a block around far too fast and went sailing by my large cut, luckily my bokken stopped about 3 inches above his shoulder. I also learnt a funky wrist lock for the second kata.

Well at least the days improved a little, apparently my package of goodies for Mish arrived today, Glad you liked it dear :)

2 thoughts on “Speen Escape!

  1. camellia_uk

    So do you need more people to run this program then? Can I run it on cent1 with pine? Email me or something if you want a volunteer, I’m usually gullible for things like this.

    1. mostlyfoo


      Well getting it working on cent1 is tomorrow mornings job, assuming it wants to play, I think I might not have enough quota for all the gubbins it may want however.

      I was pondering looking at the ways in which you can ball up a Perl program and all its associated modules into a giant executable, should make getting it going easier… we’ll see I guess.

      Thanks for the offer, I’ll let you know.


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