Well another quite enjoyable, if long day, I thought I’d chop the stuff behind two cuts to try and save peoples Friend’s pages from being swamped by ramble, largely its broken into two sections, first a technical ramble about work (and Perl) then a non-technical ramble about posture mainly.

Well the Perl joy that people may remember from yesterday is still being rather an issue, the codes gotten rather heavily munged this afternoon but still presents some rather… interesting.

Passed it onto a couple of other coders after feeling totally defeated, they couldn’t grok it either and so I suspect if I can’t get it working and shake the bugs out before lunchtime tomorrow I’ll redo it with MIME::Parser (it’ll be a little less efficient (possibly) but probably faster, cleaner and more robust.

Its interesting to note how my coding style has evolved, I suspect from looking at that code (heavy use of pointers and recusion, as well as variable conventions and methods of doing boolean tests) someone could quite easily trace my background of lots of C (although I learnt a little VB and Perl before Uni, then Java in the first year I think the language that left its mark on my brain in the heaviest way was probably C, and I still maintain its useful for a number of tasks, as well as being useful to teach programming, since it teaches people to know what they’re doing (as it bites fingers from those who don’t)).

Anyway, my Cishness is something I need to try and work out how to drop most of to improve my Perlishness, there are many shortcuts that I’m sure I could take advantage off if I thought more fluently in Perl.

As some of you may know (and others not) I’ve recently (since about September) taken up Iaido on a Wednesday night. This has lead to some rather interesting discoveries, namely that:

  1. My posture is crap
  2. My ability to know what my body is doing is pretty crap
  3. My ability to coordinate myself without looking is likewise pretty shocking

This hasn’t been helped by having to miss a few sessions to be ill/in hospital/working my arse off, but still, thats mostly out of my control.

Basically this evenings fun started with arriving 5 minutes late for the official beginning time, which wasn’t too bad as the kibitzing was still going on, I’d been delayed employing a needle and thread to tighten my knee-pads as I was under the impression the previous time I was there that one reason why I was feeling I’d gotten worse (although I’m not sure as to the truth of that, I may have been doing better but just noticing more wrong things, something I remember doing while playing Go seriously) was that I’d bought some large knee-pads (having previously borrowed mediums that were smidgen too tight) and found them too large, so whenever I was shifting during the kneeling katas I could feel the kneepad shift off my knee, most distracting and limited my movement as I automatically tried to keep it in place so as not to have one kneepad on and one off (which would lead to being unbalanced, trust me :)

Anyway this good start was followed by realising that the floor was pretty much the same temperature I had come to expect of large chunks of white stuff presenting a danger to shipping lanes… Oh yeah, big wide floor (made of something solid and smooth) with no heating in what is essentially a small warehouse in the middle of winter. Damn me I think tabi’s are looking tempting right now (and I note both the instructors are wearing them, smug goits).

After this rocky start I had a really good night:

  • I got some good tips about posture: tucking in your chin is good for keeping your shoulders relaxed and head up
  • Heard good suggestions for fixing my position: to do with turns (foot too high) and over-extensions for cuts (don’t think you have to go so far for the whole thing)
  • Was taught the right motion for setting up the start of Chiburi correctly (or at least more correctly, I think with that one doing it backwards (from correct final posture to start) would have been good for seeing how A leads to B)

Overall a good night, I feel as if what I’m doing is a shambles at the minute but I can see that with a few more months(!) work and remembering to do it slower! I could improve.

Its one of those interesting things that makes me think back to the other processes of learning I’ve done over a long period of time, the two that really stick out in my mind are programming and Go. Go seems to be the one thats clearer in my head for the learning process, not sure why, possibly because its graded nature and discrete units to test in (individual games, repeated against opponents so you can see the handicap you need for a good game falling, and also appreciate your skills in various areas as they improve), I distinctly remember the slow nature of improvement, the frustration of feeling your game get worse as you struggle to incorperate new ideas into it without fully understanding them, then the joy of sudden improvement as you attain the next level in your personal hike up the mountain.

Then the process starting again from the start :)

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed that ramble, questions or comments welcome as ever.

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  1. mostlyfoo

    Nope, as far as I know he was eyeing up a tin he thought had tuna in and knocking things over in the kitchen trying to get to it.

    It takes him a while to get between here and there anyway, and I don’t think hes been there since the start of January really, so I don’t think its Sage. Have a poke and see whos cat is out there if I were you.

  2. camellia_uk

    Oooooh, where do you go to do that? I really wanted to learn kendo, but there was nowhere in Lancaster that did it, and I really didn’t fancy walking across Preston by myself at 10pm every week. Not that I have much free time now, but still…

    1. mostlyfoo

      Down at the Quay, along past a few pubs, under the railway bridge… its not that far a walk.

      As for Kendo, well I never really fancied getting hit in the head with a good solid bundle of bamboo so I gave it a miss, Iaido has the fun potential of graduating from Bokken to shiny (blunt) swords and if you’re really mad for it finally onto sharp swords (yummy), all without getting a regular battering (although I’ve been assured I’m sure to come a cropper at some point with a bokken in the head, either from myself or someone else in the later paired kata, but I’ve managed to dodge injury so far).

      Oh, on a Wednesday evening by the way. Which is accursedly the same night that the Gregson Go club meet.

        1. mostlyfoo

          Well keep it in mind in case choir moves night or you end up stoping for one reason or another (which I do with a few activities I ponder if it would be better spending my time doing).

          1. Anonymous

            Both rather unlikely, but hey. Maybe it’s just something I’ll do when I enter the real world — I have the feeling the ability to hit people with big sticks will be more useful then.

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