Tuesday, the official day of broken things

Which of course means its also (on good weeks at least) the official day of fixing things, which is always satisfying.

The short version is:

1) mail swerver which got stroppy about me removing the UUCP user, but not stroppy enough not to send any mails at all, just some of them… or something. Anyway this one was my fault I’ll admit to that.
Result: Fixed and confirmed.

2) network simulation software, now with Bonus! IPv6 add-on. The v6 simulation that was actually wanted (although no one told me this when I started to beat this thing with a stick something like two weeks ago) was written for an old version of the IPv6 stuff that wouldn’t compile against any versions of the simulation stuff (bonus points for hard coded paths including /home/<username>/ in the make-files) so that it turns out is well broken.
Result: Well current versions of the simulation software and IPv6 stuff is working, so the people in question can now poke someone else to write a new simulation.

3) MIME parsing Perl. Oh the pain. My eyeballs. Recusion and pointers ahoy!
Result: Broken badly with Perl doing impossible things, so a job for tomorrow morning, where I’m sure it’ll just start working fine to taunt me :)

4) Gomi & Lain. Finally got around to hauling the disks out of the carcass of my old web/mail/DNS server Gomi and putting them into Lain (my ex-box) to make it do the useful server thing.
Result: All data recovered, one disk free and soon to go to a good home where someone can play with it (its too small and has too much death potential for me to rely on it).

So, I’d make that three out of 4, not a bad score for the day.

Oooh! And I got to watch the first episode of the new GIT:SAC season, now with a bonus free 30% political scheming!

On a more philosophical note I also had an interesting conversation about the nature of utopian thinking (well thats the thread I’m choosing to pick out, the conversation rambled all over in an interesting manner, but this is the part that I’m taking and extrapolating as a means of discussing my own path) how the hopes of youth in a bright and wonderful future thanks to X (the youths fascination) change to acceptance of the real world and the life-long quest to understand the self and work with others.

My own dreams of a utopia of well oiled, standard-maintained communication via computers (yes I was young, no one was sticking to net.standards long before my birth :) ruined by the fact bandwagon jumpers who didn’t love the ideal behind that vision.

Of course back then I could hardly concieve that anyone could exist who loved tech and didn’t share the vision of private but beautiful (yes I hadn’t read the SMTP RFC, I thought it was neat back then and not a giant ugly bodge based on FTP) communication that could bring the world together through discussing things.

Needless to say I got better since, my first job followed by a degree (and watching the technical world slide further into a morass of law-suits and petty idiocy) I’ve come to be the cynic you all know and love :)

But sometimes I still feel starry eyed, as I watch the packets fly across the networks, remembering how it felt when all this was new to me and I wonder what I can do to help bring at least a part of that vision to the world (in this case I can do it by finishing my thesis and producing some code to add another level of mess to email :)

Dream on young ones, but always come down to the ground at least sometimes to try and understand yourself and help the world, man cannot live just by flying free of earth.

One thought on “Tuesday, the official day of broken things

  1. Anonymous

    From Vlad Kiosk

    Ah, no matter the rapture of philosophical passion, one profits from remembering to touch one foot to the floor at the right moments!

    Curiously just like billiards and the Silver Screen code of conduct.

    And possibly rather like the collapse of the waveform at the moment of observation?


    …where is James Burke when you need him?


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